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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Script Screener

There are many professional screenplay coverage companies across the internet. With so many different services, it can sometimes be difficult to choose one that will best fit your needs. So, what are your needs? Clearly you want to improve your screenplay. This should pretty much be the bare minimum because after all, you are paying for the service. The problem is, most screenplay coverage companies only aid you in improving your project, they don’t help you truly grow as a writer. Some will offer training and additional resources for an additional cost, but coverage is already expensive enough! Not to mention there is always some type of added link or product that they want you to buy (Yes! Even after you already paid them to teach you something they didn’t finish teaching yet). It seems like one big money cycle, and why wouldn’t it be? At the end of the day, coverage companies are just that… Companies! They’re in business to make a profit, and you are the consumer. 

However, not all companies are like this. Script Screener is a fully interactive platform that offers plenty of screenwriting goodies, and the majority of them are completely free! Of course, the coverage services and specialty services cost money, but if you’re not asking them to perform a service, they will pretty much just give you what you need. They want to see you succeed and reach your highest potential. Nothing wrong with that! So what can you do on the Script Screener platform? The following is a list of the top 5 things you can do with a Script Screener Membership:

Pre-Plan Your Work

This is a BIG one! Most of the problems that we encounter as writers stem from poor pre-planning. Obviously, this is something that everyone has found their own way in doing, and you may have a certain way that keeps you feeling comfortable already. However, the fact of the matter is that you can not go to where you are going without a roadmap, and this tool offers just that! It allows you to map out every scene, location, character, and story that you’re working on in an easy to use listing format. The best part is, when you finish a story and finally have it on paper, this system will allow you to move characters, locations, and scenes to different stories for easy recalls! This becomes the best thing ever invented when writing a sequel. Not to mention when you’re creating the elements of your story, the system will ask you questions that you may not have thought about, and it ensures full details every time!

Eliminate Writer’s Block

Yes, you heard us correctly! There is a formula that was created and tested on 250 writers with writer’s block. The results came back 96% effective in solving the problem! It utilizes a psychological method that changes your perception of the problem in the first place and allows you to solve it using your own ideas. They’ve also made resources videos taking you through this process step by step so even if the actual method confuses you, you can still use it by simply following the video! Once you’ve solved your issue, the system allows you to download your work in a formatted PDF file that you can use for later reference! Lastly, you are the only person to ever see or interact with your ideas so they will remain yours throughout the entire process, and you’ll never have to worry about anyone stealing your ideas. Just make sure you keep the PDF locked away!

Create A Treatment

This is a simple one but very useful. The Script Screener platform allows you to create a formatted PDF file of your treatment that can be downloaded straight to your device. This treatment is very professional looking, and it goes hand in hand with the package you’ll put together if you decide to host your screenplay on the platform! With that being said, even if you already have another direction you’d like to take your screenplay in, it is still a solid way to get a professional looking treatment for free!

Get Discounts On Coverage Services

Okay, so if you’ve missed this one, you clearly have not been paying attention up until this point! It is posted literally all over their website and for good reason! Like we said earlier, coverage is already expensive enough. However, the quickest way to go sprinting toward unprofessionalism is to have your screenplay read by someone that isn’t credible. So, Script Screener offers 10% off to every single one of their screenwriting members. All you need to do is have an active account, and the discount will automatically apply. The only time it would not apply is if you had a discount code for a higher percentage off, in which case, it would honor the coupon code. Regardless, think of it as a never ending thank you to every last member on the platform. After all, the purpose of the company is to serve its members and elevate their careers, one writer at a time!

Shop Your Project To Producers

Every company has something that sets them apart. For Script Screener, this is that thing. Other companies will help, they will “put in a good word”, they will put you on a list and help you hope for the best. However, none of them offer this. If your screenplay scores a 6.5 or higher in coverage, you will be eligible for an optional but exclusive service called “hosting”. Hosting allows you to pay a low monthly fee in exchange for exposure to the producers on the platform. Now, every single producer on the platform is vetted, interviewed, and verified. The process ensures that they have the ability to get funding, find distribution, get name talent, and more. Every single producer using the platform has verified credits, and this is not their first rodeo! So, how can this help you? Well, we’re not just talking about exposure to your screenplay. We’re talking about incentivizing them to take your screenplay in the first place. This service positions your screenplay in a way that presents it to them as a project that is professionally put together, cheaper and more logical to pick up, and most importantly, WORTHY of sinking their investor’s hard earned funding into! Now, of course, Script Screener is not in the business of forcing anyone to take any project, and they certainly do not obligate anyone to anything. However, what Script Screener does do, is place your project in such a way to give it the best fighting chance to be sold or produced independently. This is essentially the cheat code of being a new screenwriter because it evens the playing field and puts opportunity into the hands of those who are talented, not just those who are connected!

So, as you can see there are tons of benefits to being a member of Script Screener. This platform is designed to help screenwriters achieve their professional screenwriting goals and live their best life, doing what they love. They are always adding new content, new resources, and toys for us to play with as writers! The best part is, if there is something that you do not see on their platform, the only thing you would have to do is contact their support team and tell them! They are always looking for new and innovative ways to advance the screenwriting community! With that being said, there are no excuses! You have every tool you could possibly need at your fingertips! Get to work! Create something beautiful, and show the world that you are the amazing writer that you truly are!