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Our Mission

Script Screener, at it’s core, is a company of innovation seeking to bridge the gap between writers and industry professionals. We strive to serve our community by offering all of the tools and resources that we can to create an even playing field where talent is the deciding factor. Our goal is to bring success to those who work hard and strive for improvement!

Meet our Team!

Nicholas Capone

Owner / CEO

Nicholas Capone is an American actor, producer, and entrepenuer. With over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, he launched Script Screener as a means to better the film and television industry.

Tony Wright

Coverage Department Manager

Tony Wright is an all around film buff from South Carolina. Mr. Wright has worked on several types of projects ranging from music videos, talk shows, short films and features. He now oversees the coverage department at Script Screener.

Laurie Ashbourne

Script Consultant

Laurie got her start in the industry with Walt Disney Studios, she is a writer-producer, and script doctor with over 25 produced credits.

Chet Kazalski

Script Consultant

Chet Kazalski is a screenwriter and comedian based out of Upstate New York. His primary experience comes from writers’ rooms, fleshing out comedic premises and scripts to be viable for long term productions.

David Hyde

Script Consultant

Educated at UCLA, David Hyde has authored multiple feature and episodic scripts across many genres as well as work as a reviewer and festival judge.

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