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How do I change my password?

From your dashboard, hover over the Dashboard tab, and scroll down to Account. Next to your account information, select the * icon on the side menu. Fill in your old password along with your new password, and click Update Password. 

How do I change my account information?

From your dashboard, hover over the Dashboard tab, and scroll down to Account. This will bring you to the account page, where you can update your details. Click Update Account when you’re finished and the changes will be applied automatically.

Will Script Screener sell my information?

Never! All of the data collected will only be used or accessed by Script Screener LLC or it’s affiliates. 

I purchased an additional service, is it eligible for hosting?

Yes! Every additional service that is purchased includes free coverage. Our guarentee to you is that we will never give you a finished product that does not score a 6.5 or higher. That makes every project we work on eligible for hosting, whether you wrote it yourself or not. You own it!

How do you generate your quotes?

Our quotes are generated from an internal bidding system. All of our writing professionals will read the details of your project and place a bid. We will then select the lowest bid to ensure you get the most cost effective pricing!

What is Create My Concept?

Create My Concept is a service that can be used by anyone, but is meant for Industry Professionals. This allows the users without writing abilities to create a concept, explain their vision, and sit back while our writing professionals put their vision on paper!

What is a Script Doctor?

A Script Doctor, in short, is the same as a real doctor. Instead of diagnosing people, we diagnose screenplays! We will find where the problems exist, and work our magic to create a solution and put it on paper!

What is a Full Rewrite?

A Full Rewrite essentially means that we are starting from scratch. As opposed to a Create My Concept, we will use the good parts of your existing project, and discuss the additional elements, the structure, overall feel of the screenplay. Once we have everything in place, we’ll create the screenplay!

Can I use your services without signing up?

Of course! Although signing up for a membership is very beneficial to your career and your wallet, nobody is required to sign up to recieve our services! The only exception to this rule is for hosting. In order to host a screenplay on our platform, you must be a member of our platform.

How do I cancel my hosting subscription?

In order to cancel your hosting subscription, you must create a support ticket. Please use the General Support option, and one of our support experts will assist you. Please note that your inquiry must take place seven (7) days prior to your next billing cycle, or you will be charged for your the next billing cycle.

What is your refund policy?

As refunds are not common, they may be issued on a case by case basis, assuming that Script Screener LLC was responsible and at fault for the issue. The only exception being if a screenplay scores a perfect overall score (Overall: 10) then the full amount of the coverage would be refunded, and the costs associated with hosting will be paid by Script Screener.

I don’t understand my coverage feedback, what can I do?

In this case, the best solution would be to reach out to support. Please include the PDF copy of your coverage, and we will get clarity on your issue.
Please Note: Due to our policies in protecting the projects of our users, your information will be deleted after 10 business days. If you inquire after that period, our response will rely on the coverage specialist’s ability to recall the project.

Is it possible to get an overall score of 10?

Absolutely! However, possible does not mean it is easy. We hold our coverage services to the highest possible standards, and in order to receive a perfect score, you must have a perfect screenplay!

Is my screenplay protected?

Absolutely! Script Screener LLC and it’s affiliates will never share your content with anyone! All of our content is deleted ten (10) business days after it is finalized. The only time your content would be shared is in the event that you had scored high enough to be eligible for hosting. In that case, the Industry Professionals on our platform will obviously need to have access to the content in order to decide if they’d like to move forward with the project.

How is the coverage scored?

The coverage is scored category by category. Once all of the categories have been scored and given feedback, our system determines an average score among all categories, and that is ultimately what gives you your overall score!

What is the criteria for an Industry Professional?

All Industry Professionals using our platform must have a minimum of three (3) credible projects that have all been funded, distributed, and have included atleast two (2) or more “bankable” name talent. All Industry Professionals using our platform will undergo a deep background validation, in which their information is pulled from credible sources such as IMDB. Once all of the information is gathered, a final decision is made and they will either be denied access or accepted onto our platform.

What is the criteria to host a screenplay?

All screenplays must include two (2) components in order to be hosted. They must be given an overall score of 6.5 or higher by Script Screener, and the user must be a member of our platform. We do not accept coverage from outside companies, as we can not ensure that the quality of their coverage meets our standards!

I’m an Industry Professional, but I didn’t meet the criteria for an account. Since then, I have gotten more credits and I think I may be eligible now. Can you change my account?

Absolutely! All you will have to do is contact support using the category “Something Else” and explain your situation. From there, we will run your credentials again, and give you an updated final decision.

I haven’t received an email, what’s going on?

Before contacting support to check the status of your email, please check your promotions tab and spam folder as they can sometimes get incorrectly delivered. Be sure to respond to the email, as this will always help place our emails in your primary inbox! However, if you can’t find it, simply create a support ticket and we will check the status of your email!

Does the Writer’s Block formula really eliminate writer’s block?

It absolutely does! This method is based on human psychology and works in a variety of situations! Our testing has shown 100% effectiveness in all writers that gave detailed answers and performed the exercises completely! So, if it is not working for you, just take your time, be more detail oriented, and fill out the form completely!

Is Script Screener hiring?

Yes! Script Screener is always hiring motivated individuals with experience! Think you have what it takes to become a part of the Script Screener family? Find our hiring link in the footer of any page on our website and fill out an application!

My screenplay was picked up! What’s next?

Congrats! Now that your screenplay has been claimed, your hosting subscription will automatically end. The Industry Professional that claimed your project will be contacting you once everything is in place! Make sure to check your email and your missed phone calls to ensure the process moving forward goes smoothly! If your project has been claimed for more than two (2) weeks, and you still have not been contacted, please reach out to our support team!

Can you guarantee that my screenplay will be made if I host it?

Unfortunately no, there are many driving factors that can keep your screenplay from getting made. For our Industry Professionals, this is their career. They could not be in the same genre space as your screenplay and therefore their target audience is different, they could already be making a screenplay that is similar to yours, or it could just be a matter of them having too many projects at one time and they don’t have the resources to take on another screenplay just yet! Regardless of the reason, it is always the best practice to stay persistent, keep your screenplay hosted and available, and the more screenplays you have hosted, the better your chances are!

I don’t want to be involved in the production, can I just sell my screenplay instead?

It is possible! Many Industry Professionals purchase screenplays that they believe in! Although our platform is not meant to sell screenplays, once the Industry Professional contacts you, be honest about your intentions and what you’re looking for! The worst they could say is no!

Who owns the rights to my screenplay if I agree to have it made?

You do! The rights of the project will stay in your posession unless you elect to give them away to another party! If you decide to sell your screenplay, then the rights will be distributed to the owner. We always highly recommend hiring an entertainment lawyer first, so you will remain legally protected at all times!

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