Privacy Policy

The user data collected on this website can be accessed though your user account or by requesting the information through our support team. If you’re a registered member of this website, you can access this information by going to the Account Tab, and in the left hand sidebar selecting the lock icon. There you will see options for exploring our collected information for your account. If you are not a registered member of this website, you can access this information by creating a Support Ticket. This website is owned and operated by Script Screener LLC. The contents of the data that we collect may include but is not limited to: names, contact information, payment information, and project information. The information collected is captured via the forms on our website for purposes of creating a better user experience for our visitors. Script Screener LLC only keeps record of the data necessary to operate the company. All forms such as the writer’s block formula are meant for purposes of aiding the user in solving a problem. Script Screener LLC does not keep record of our user’s ideas, concepts, or any other materials they may use in the process of creating their screenplay. 
All of the information that is collected will remain with Script Screener LLC and/or it’s affiliates for the purposes of doing business. Any person, company, or organization that is not associated with Script Screener LLC will not receive or have access to your personal information or ideas. All users that subscribe to our hosting services recognise that upon purchasing any hosting service, they are agreeing to allow Script Screener LLC and it’s affiliates to share the user’s ideas and contact information with other users for purposes of getting their project financed. These users also agree that by purchasing the hosting services, that they will allow Script Screener LLC and it’s associates to share this information with other users on the website. All parties that use our hosting services agree that any and all legal disputes between users will be brought to the attention of Script Screener LLC before legal action is taken. Users also agree that Script Screener LLC will be awarded a minimum of 30 business days to complete an investigation into the issue before any legal action is taken for purposes of resolving the issue. 
All of the email contact between Script Screener LLC and it’s partners and the user will include a path to opt out of recieving notifications, only if the user is a part of a subscription. If the user is not on a marketing list, or any other promotional list to be contacted, the email contact will not have an option to opt out as the contact is for business purposes only. The data collected on this website will additionally be used for, but not limited to, marketing research, customer service, and business operations. Data may be shared with various advertisers for purpose of reaching our audience. It may also be shared with our payment gateway for processing payments on our website. The information may be used to track our visitors for purposes of seeing how they use the platform in order to offer better services. 
Any user that does not wish to provide this information to Script Screener LLC or it’s associates may opt out of providing this information by leaving the website and refusing to do business with Script Screener LLC on it’s platform or throughout any of it’s marketing efforts. Likewise, if you are on a promotional marketing list and wish to not be contacted, simply opt out by clicking the link in the footer of the email (if applicable) or Create a Support Ticket notifying our team that you wish to have all of your data deleted and will no longer be using our platform. 
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about your privacy on our platform, feel free to reach out to our support team or check our FAQ page for more information!