Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Scriptscreener.com! We are owned and operated by Script Screener LLC and it’s associates. Any and all questions, comments, or concerns regarding these terms and conditions can be inquired about via email at support@scriptscreener.com. The following terms and conditions apply to any and all users of this website, both registered and unregistered, as well as any individual who takes advantage of the services, links, or other components of this website. 

By use of this website, the user agrees to abide by these terms and conditions, and any user in disagreement of these terms and conditions is not permitted to use or interact with this website, the resources of this website, or any of it’s associations.


Permitted Uses 

Any user of this website must be a minimum of 16 years old and obtain the legal permission of a parent or guardian if applicable. By using this website the user also agrees that they are not operating under a fraudulent account and are the individual in which they claim. Any and all payments or transactions must be made by the individual who owns the bank account that the funds are being withdrawn or issued to, or have the authorization to make those transactions. In addition, the user agrees they are either the owner or have the authorization of the owner to submit materials. This includes but is not limited to screenplays, concepts, original ideas, copyrights, and/or any other materials that could be legally claimed by an individual aside from the user. Users are not permitted to take credit or ownership from any other individual or associate of Script Screener. 

In addition, no user is permitted to copy or redistribute any of the materials used on this website, up to and including our logo, our content, or any other original materials without the verified permission of Script Screener. Furthermore, users are not allowed to copy, redistribute, or share in any capacity the content within their paid membership. Violation of these permitted uses may result in a warning, up to a complete deactivation of their account without any refunds or reimbursements, automatic disqualification from any contests or events the user is participating in or planning to participate in, and refusal of service.


User Criteria

The platform is divided into two (2) separate membership levels. From this point forward, we will refer to our Industry Professional membership as “industry users” and our Writer membership (or non industry professionals) as “writers”. Any time we address a group as “users”, it is meant to include all users of this website both registered and non registered. Any time we address “registered users”, it is meant to include all users with a membership. 

Criteria for Industry Users: In order to be considered an industry user, you must have credit in a minimum of three (3) reputable projects in either film or television with a budget over $1,000,000 USD for feature films and a budget of $150,000 USD per episode for television. The definition of a reputable project includes but is not limited to: Obtaining Financing, Distribution, Insurance, Earning a Return for the Investors Involved, Receiving Credits, or Providing Representation. The final decision of approval is ultimately reserved for Script Screener LLC. Applicants will receive an email with a decision in 7-10 business days, and if approved, their account will be active immediately. If the applicant is denied membership, they will receive an email directing them to a writer membership, and encouraging the user to apply again after waiting a minimum of 6 months to gain more credibility. 

Criteria for Writers: Writers will have the ability to be auto-approved. The only criteria that we ask is that you have a passion for writing, and you are using this website for its intended purposes. 

Users: Users at all times are required to remain professional and respect the privacy of the other users. Politics, religion, race, or any other subject that does not have association with a screenplay, story, or concept in question is prohibited. Likewise, any interaction or discussion involving hate speech, racist remarks, bullying, foul language or names directed toward another user, is prohibited and will be investigated, addressed, and resolved individually. Violation of these requirements may result in a warning, up to a complete deactivation of the user’s account without any refunds or reimbursements, automatic disqualification from any contests or events the user is participating in or planning to participate in, and refusal of service.


Limitations of Liability

By interacting with our website, the user agrees and confirms that they are using the website under their own free will. All materials submitted through this website will be kept confidential between the user and Script Screener LLC along with its associates. The user also acknowledges and agrees to allow Script Screener LLC and it’s associates to share the user’s projects, screenplays, ideas, and concepts with other users if the user purchases a membership plan that requires it. By submitting materials, the user agrees to not take legal action against Script Screener LLC or its associates. Script Screener LLC can not guarantee that a user’s screenplay will ever be produced or funded. The resources, links, and materials on this website are meant to offer value to registered users, and Script Screener LLC or any of its associates are not responsible for the possible result in liability that may occur from the user doing business or associating with a third party company found on our website. Script Screener LLC guarantees to do everything within its power to prevent fraudulent users, accounts, and transactions from happening. However, users are cautioned to interact with this website at their own risk, as Script Screener LLC and its associates are not responsible for its users fraudulent actions or personal liability that occurs as a result of using this website.  For more information on data and privacy, please also review our Privacy Policy.