We're much more than a coverage company..

Script Screener is an all-in-one industry solution that is committed to bridging the gap between screenwriters and industry professionals.

Our mission is to give you all of the tools, resources, and training that you’ll need to be successful in today’s cut throat industry. Let’s be honest, a screenplay is only worth the cost of the paper that it is written on, unless there is an actionable plan in place to turn it into a project! Script Screener exists to not only perform coverage, but to aid in getting projects properly pre-planned, scored reliably, and ultimately placed in the hands of a credible industry professional that has the ability to fund it, distribute it, and bring it to life.

..And this is how:

We offer resources and tools to pre-plan your screenplay, overcome writer’s block, and learn more about the craft of screenwriting. Our fundamental skill based approach allows the writer to practice the basic concepts and skill sets needed to create amazing pieces of work in a user friendly atmosphere. 

Once the screenplay is completely finished, we offer reliable, accurate, and time efficient coverage services. Your screenplay is not just scored, but the feedback that is given will show you where the issues are, why the issues happened, and how to fix those issues in order to get a higher score!

Any screenplay that recieves a score of 6.5 or higher will automatically be eligible for our hosting services! Hosting your project means that your screenplay is delivered to industry professionals that are accepting new screenplays for consideration. Once your screenplay is accepted by an industry professional, your subscription will end, and the interested producer will contact you with the next steps moving forward!

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It's the first time I have gotten concrete advice on how to fix my screenplay in a way that I can act upon. As a new screenwriter on his first draft, this is invaluable!
Jason Rodman
Coral Springs, FL
"Super clear suggestions! I wasn't left with general feedback and half hearted criticisms. Will definitely use again!"
Maria Mercado
Los Angeles, CA
"Fantastic experience, great customer service, and my coverage came back fast yet thorough. Awesome company!"
Paul Diamato
Kennesaw, GA

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